5 Tips to Improve Your SEO for Social Media

As we’ve explained, in most cases, social media sharing doesn’t directly impact SEO. However, when you share your content on social media, it can influence SEO in these ways:

  1. Drive organic traffic
  2. Increase visibility
  3. Improve local SEO
  4. Expand content reach
  5. Enhanc brand recognition
  6. Increase backlinks

So how can you improve your SEO for social media?

1. Work on Your Profile

Remember that your social media profile is one of the first things a prospect or customer will see, so take time to craft one that’s engaging and reflects your business.

  • Include as many details as possible so you give a good picture of what your business does
  • Use keywords that are relevant to your brand and searched words or terms
  • Have backlinks to your site content to drive traffic

For B2B, LinkedIn is a very powerful social media network, so check out how to leverage its power. Or if you use a personal account, here are practical tips to improve your profile

2. Have quality shareable content in your social channels

There are many platforms and accounts for customers to choose from so you need to make the most of your content to attract and engage. Use a variety of content types such as videos, blogs, testimonials, etc. to get an idea of what works for your audience.

Also, use good imagery that’s tied to your brand so that when people see it they recognize it as yours. This will increase brand awareness and recognition.

3. Encourage backlinks through good content

People will only share content that they believe is good or relevant to their audience. So it’s worth prioritizing quality over quantity if resources or time is an issue.

Take time to research topics and include high authority research and third-party links alongside internal links to show authority. Quotes are also good to include from industry experts or statistics that back up your point of view.

Above all, adopt a tone and opinion on your industry as that will help you become an industry leader.

4. Use social listening to see what’s going on out there, with your competitors and others

Social listening is a powerful SEO tactic and there are a few great free tools out there you can use. These will help you to monitor conversations to see what your audience is saying about you and also keep track of your competitors.

As people turn to social media more and more to ask questions, read reviews (and complain), keeping a close ear on your platforms is a good idea for managing online reviews and overall customer service.

5. Pay attention to influencers and consider using them

As you probably already know, influencers have sway on social media. You just need to look at the influencer stats to see how much.

You don’t need to aim that high for your influencer marketing strategy, but if you know of influencers in your sector or area that your audience listens to then it may be worth considering using them in your social media.

Smash Your Social Media Campaigns with SEO

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